The legend continues
on the 4th and the 5th
of August 2018
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2018 Open
Finnish Recumbent Championships
and meet-up

Preliminary program and schedule

Sunday's both races start at 8:00 AM

Saturday 4th August

200 meters flying start.
1 hour race.

  • 9:00: Gate opens
  • 10–11: Registration (200 m, 1 h , 6 h, 12 h races)
  • 11:00: Event opening session
  • 11:20: Safety briefing for pilots at starting grid
  • 11:30: Start of 200 meter sprint rounds
  • 14:30-17: Paddock action
    - Competitor official photo session - Swap meet (parts etc)
    - Slowest recumbent rider
    - Test rides
  • 15:50: Safety briefing for pilots at starting grid
  • 16:00: 1 hour race, group I ("slow")
  • 16:50: Safety briefing for pilots at starting grid
  • 17:00: 1 hour race, group II ("fast")
  • 18:15: Podium (200 m and 1 h races)

Note! Safety briefing sessions are mandatory for participants, so you need to be on the starting grid 10 minutes before the race starts.

Sunday 5th August

12 h race
6 h race

  • 7-7:45: Registration (12 h and 6h races)
  • 7:50: Safety briefing for pilots at starting grid
  • 8:00: 12 h and 6h races start
  • 14:00: 6 hour race ends
  • 14:30: Podium (6 h)
  • 20:00: 12 race ends
  • 20:00: Podium (12 h)
  • 21:00: Gate closes

Note! Safety briefing sessions are mandatory for participants, so you need to be on the starting grid 10 minutes before the race starts.

Where to sleep

Accommodation is at
Viinikanniemi camping ground.

It's also possible to sleep in a tent or caravan at the track area.
(Note! no drinking water, neither bathrooms at the track).


Miscellaneous event information

Why ?

Recumbent Racing Finland is a nonprofit operation, our reasons are

  • We promote

    recumbent cycling for sports and health

    Anyone can ride a recumbent bike, whatever his or hers physical condition. Recumbents are not for racing only.

  • We organise

    annual Finnish Championships at Nokian Tyres Test Track in Finland

    Traditionally the event takes place in the first weekend of August and serves both as a racing event and as a general bent riders' meet-up.

  • We empower

    recumbent record attempts

    e.g. Pekka broke the masters Hour World Record in trike category on 2016.

  • We are

    the Finnish connection point for the rest of the recumbent world

    On 2016 we organized Nordic Recumbent Championships. Our active members have participated to the World Championships in Netherlands and France and amazed folks in National races in Denmark and France.

  • We believe

    in diversity in cycling

    Recumbent bike constructions take endless forms, you can find two-, three and four wheelers, short and long wheelbases, low and high racers, all kind of cruisers as well as fully faired velomobiles. There's no limit, there's no UCI rules. Many of us even build our very own individual machines.

  • We are running

    discussion forum, which is an active Finnish site for recumbent enthusiasts.

  • We ratify and list

    the Finnish HPV records

    Current records can be found from the INFO section

  • Join
    us !

The team

We make it happen.

Teppo Mäkelä

Mastermind of the event. Race commander, track maister. Teppo takes care of everything.

Tero Linnanen

Chairman of the board. Regular competitor in international races. Carbon fiber specialist.

Pasi Räsämäki

HC recumbent rider and builder from the North Karelian town of Joensuu.

Sauli Nurila

Velomobile rider from the western flatlands. Reputed social media activist.

Henri Heikkari

"Fine-tuning by welding" specialist from Manchester Finland.

Pekka Heimonen


Leaning deeper.


On-line registration form

(form might not support all versions of IE, sorry)


If you register before 15th July, the registration fee is
€30.00 for RRF members (includes all participants of a family),
€40.00 for all others.

Between 15th July and 4th August the registration fee is
€35.00 for RRF members
€45.00 for others.

RRF member subscription fee is €20.00 for 2018.
This fee can be paid with the same transaction as the race registration.

For more info send email to


You can pay either on-line using PayPal links below or by wire transfer.
If you pay for the family, please list other family participants to the payment notes!

Bank account information

Account owner: Recumbent Racing Finland ry
Account number: FI45 1158 3000 2318 05
Reference number: 20187